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californians have been killed. as more than one in 10. what a half of them were injured when they're asked to return it to service. we spent one trillion dollars so far. it was a further $50 billion it cost originally. the high point was nearly 170,000 with the latest withdrawals we are now about 50,000 troops and added them are in combat roles. we are waiting for the presidential address pulpit " and it goes right up to combat mission of. president of joe biden of arrived earlier this week to carry out the
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change of command. obama has been talking with troops through the day and even as a candidate, president barack obama was against the war in a rock, he always said that leaded states should be fighting and tonight the president is also expecting to address at some point or to some degree of what is happening with the nation's economy, currently is an issue on the minds of those who are dealing with job losses, the economy, unemployment rates and here in california law this article which you%. will be ready for >> tonight i would like to talk to about the end of the combat missions in iraq. we were to talk with the challenges we face a we need to read it on nation here at home. i know this is a short moment comes in a
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great time of uncertainty for many americans and it has not been nearly a decade of war. it g7vñwas a long and painful recen and sometimes we face storms. the future we're trying to build, a feature of the everlasting peace and prosperity might be around our reach but is it should serve as a reminder to all americans that the future of our history as we move forward with confidence which also served as a message that the united states of america intends to strengthen the leadership for this young country. seven and one-half years ago president bush announced the beginning of a war in iraq. the war to disarm i stay and fight against uncertainty. terrorists and
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warfare threaten to tear iraq apart. thousands of americans risked their lives. tens of thousands have been wounded. nations abroad for our strength. even coming home is being tested. these were rough waters after it the longest course and is one constant in the shifting tides. every time america's of what men, women have served with courage and as commander-in- chief i am incredibly proud of this service. and like all americans i am awed by their sacrifice. by those sacrifices. americans that served in iraq have done it every mission they have been given. together with iraqi is the coalition partners
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our troops fought block by block to help the rocks see a better future. they shifted tactics to protect the iraqi people. they traded security forces and took out terrorist leaders. because of our troops and civilians and because of the resilience of iraqi people now rocket highest bid opportunity to face a new destiny. tonight to i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. the rocky people now have responsibilities for their security. this is my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office and i announced a plan that would bring all combat out of iraq. it is going to of course first strengthen the security iraq and
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the people and we have done that. hope there is 100,000 u.s. troops be removed from iraq. we have it moved billions of pieces of equipment out of iraq. this completes the transition to iraqis responsibility for their own security. u.s. troops pull out of iraqi cities last summer and iraqis have moved with incredible skill. even as our rock continues to suffer as the lowest on record and iraqi forces have taken the fight to all kinds. there is much leadership. this year also saw incredible selection that drew a strong turnout. the candidate for and been a station is in place as iraqis form of government is based on that the
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results of the election. tonight i encourage the rock leaders to meet this with a sense of urgency. they are as consul and accountable to the rocky crudity. the iraqi people will have a strong partner in the united states. our combat mission and our commitment to rock's future is there. going forward a transitional force will remain in iraq with a different mission. supporting a rocket troops of terrorism which in and protecting civilians. with our partnership all u.s. troops will leave by the end of next year. as our military draws back all of dedicated civilians, diplomats, aid workers are moving to support iraq is the
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strength in the government resolve political disputes and have been displaced by war. this is the message that joe biden is delivering to the iraqi people today. this new approach reflects our partnership with iraq. it's based upon a mutual interest and of course well as will end without a combat mission. they will continue to set off bombs. it will try to spark more fight. but east terrace will field fail to achieve their goals. iraqis are proud people they have objectives and day of no interest in destruction. they understand that only iraqis can resolve their differences. only a rockies can build democracy
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and what america can do and will do is provide support for iraqi people as both a friend and a partner. in this war it is not only in iraq's interest but the united states has paid a huge price for putting the future of iraq in the hands of its people. we said our young men and our young woman to make sacrifices. we have sent the best resources abroad. we persevere a we share a lot with the iraqi people. out of the ashes of war and to new beginnings is born and crated a new civilization. to this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq we have met our responsibilities. now, it is our time to turn the page. as we do i am mindful that the
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pretentious issue at home that here too it is time to turn the page. this afternoon i spoke to former president george w. bush. it is well known that they agreed for the war and that known can doubt president bush's support for troops or his love of country and our security. with that said will take the support of the war and all of us are united with appreciation for our service men and women. our hopes for a rocky future. the greatness of our democracy is grounded in the abilities to move beyond our differences. we need to learn her mark experiences and confront the many challenges ahead. the no challenge is worth our security then the fight against all kinds. americans supported the use of force against those who
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attacked some and 11. now, as we approach our 10th year of combat in afghanistan and for those that are having a tough time understanding us. as we speak all kind of continuous to mess with us. their leadership is anchored in pakistan. we will not disrupt, dismantle and dc oxide. because of our drawdown in iraq will go on offense. in fact in the last 19 months a dozen all kind of leaders and their allies have been killed or captured all around the world. in afghanistan i have ordered additional troops under the command of general. there were to fight. as of this surgeon a
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rock we'll be here in limited time to provide space and secured their own future. this was the case of iraq. you cannot do for afghans what they ultimately must do for themselves. this is why we are training afghan security forces and securing a political force for the problems. next august will begin a transition to afghan responsibilities. the pace of our troop reduction will be determined by conductions on the ground. the support for afghanistan will insure. make no mistake. this transition will begin. because oakland or that african peoples. one of the lessons of the people in iraq is said is not a function of
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military force alone. we must use all elements of our power. our economic strength and the power of america as an example. we must secure our interest in the allies and must look for future that is not based on our fears that our hopes. mission that recognizes that things do exist around the world and that there are possibilities. today those adversaries are at peace and their potential partners. we mark this good stretch from asia to the americas and a push for peace will begin here tomorrow. billions of young people were and are shackled in poverty in conflict that america will do it more than just defeat those that only one teacher and destruction but we will lead
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among boat does that work together to expand into opportunities for all people. now about effort must begin within all borders. throughout our history of america is willing to carry the burden of the human in dignitaries overseas. we also understood the nation's strength must be firmly anchored and our prosperity left at home. that prosperity must be a growing middle class. unfortunately we have not done what is necessary to insure the foundations of those who have spen200 spent at trillion dollat work. it contributed to record deficits. with a pint of tough decisions and for many for
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manufacturing basis to our energy policies on education reform. as a result too many middle-class families are working harder for less and our nation's long-term competitors are put at risk. at this moment as we wind down the war in iraq we must tackle these challenges at home with as much energy and grip and a sense of purpose. just like the men and women served abroad. today we have met every thing. it is our turn now. it is our responsibility. we to come together all of us and work to secure the dreams that so many people fought for. the dreams that a better life awaits anybody that is willing to work for its and to reach for it. we not need to restore our economy and get those americans that were laid off from their
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jobs back to work. we to give all of our children the education they deserve. and any worker that flows like they have to compete and move out of town. we to crate jobs instead. we must i unleashed the innovation that allows new products to roll out and make sure it the ideas come from ourselves. this will be difficult trading in the days to come and must be our central mission and my central responsibility as president. part of that responsibility is making sure to honor our commitment to those that serve our country and as long as i am president we will maintain the finest fighting force that is known it will do whatever it takes to serve our veterans as well as have served us. this is a sacred trust. this is why we have already made something for
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veterans were treating it the signature it wound as if it could be worse pro cosmetic stress and a brain injury. we want to help veterans and their family to have the dreams filled of a college education. my grandfather fought in world war two and he is not middle-class. young men and women must have the ability to apply their gets upset. the part of ending the board's responsibility is started by those that fought in it. a few weeks ago the final brigade, the army's fourth strike hurt brigade, thousands of soldiers and hundreds of vehicles made the trip from baghdad and as the were passing
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into kuwait and early morning hours american troops and coalition partners had fought at this time no shots were fired. these are just brave americans making their way home. of course the soldiers left my spine. some teenagers from the war began somewhat served multiple tumors of dart duty. entering the absence was painfully since the war began part of over 144,000 americans to give their lives. i know that to my brothers in arms who fought in battles the
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state must meet a lot. those americans gave their lives to hearts of our people with long and weigh nearly 1.5 million americans who have served in iraq and fought in a faraway place for people they never knew. this spirit of the darkest and human creations, war. it helped the rocky people, in an age we must on the victory to the six sex of our own nation. every american who serves as a hero that stretches from lexington to gettysburg to hiroshima to kids on americans who fought to seat at the lives of our children are better than
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none. our troops and are sick of state and the nation may be traveling through rough waters they give us confidence that our forces and beyond the pre-dawn darkness there are better days that lie ahead. thank-you, may god bless you and may god bless the america. the war is over. >> you've been listening to president barack obama addressing the nation saying that the iraqis now have the responsibility for their country and as expected mr. obama said that the u.s. will stay on only as advisers and supporters of iraq. he encouraged the iraqi government to perform at exclusive government. they're moving the
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troops to afghanistan where next august derek going to tradition órx#?ñ talks with the need to care with the u.s. and veterans. , that may be printed and in iraq the troops we becoming all the dust and there. the blue star mom linda bail says her son has a big challenge as to all of the veterans. >> the troops will come back there is one to be a lot of healing that needs to take place and a lot help that they need. we want to make sure that the get the health care that they need the psychological that the need jobs, are the four different jobs. the need to reintegrate become functional. the have been changed forever we wanna make sure that people will not forget to that they need
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time to heal and to forward >> when the bears at sun served two tours of duty in iraq and she emphasized what him and his fellow veterans with the smiles when it leave the military and that is a job. she is encouraging people to hire veterans. well the white house set up is people saluting the troops. including social media this is how it works. >> there's four ways you can share your message on this website. let us take a look. first you can pose a video response to the how president's message or on face but you can't change your status or on twitter you can share your message. these messages are for the troops and some of the responses
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i got was from cindy where she is thankful for all of the men and women that served. another one is from marcia who is stationed in korea and says i'll always remember nate who like others is never coming back. i'm so thankful that some of your home safe now. all you have to do is look for another section on our website. a >> it is much warmer up there this afternoon but even warmer weather tomorrow. more on our of the heat is coming up.
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i can't earl is turning its way to the carolina coast for the east coast. >> this is what earl it looked like it to st. martin. it's for the brief off of homes and this
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is what it looks like. here is the latest projection by thursday afternoon is expected to be off of the outer banks of north carolina. officials say evacuations may be necessary all along the east coast. people are being urged to hunker down for the rough weather. meanwhile another possible hurricane is forming right behind girl and tropical storm fiona is not expected it to get as strong as world but we have information on exactly world is heading right now. >> looking at the radar new intel is a big one. the islands down here in the south it is causing a lot of havoc. it is placed far from the islands the winds are very fast and it is a category for. it remains a
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category for as a gets to the ocean and it is curving along, the reason why it has an dryer air and is totally it diverting it. it will weaken as it heads up to eastern states. >> we have a programming change to tell you about. nbc will air the giants came so kron4 news will have date kind and at 10:00 p.m. we will have a special edition of the kron4 news and that double you double you smack down at 7:00 p.m..
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live this is kron4 news at 530. >> 530 as scare in the area today after a plane had to make an emergency landing at the s f all. christine connally is live and is taking a look a w
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